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NextExec 5.0

The platform your team will love.

Coaching and continuous team development starts with NextExec. Watch a quick demo to learn how over 5,000 teammates stay more engaged, more empowered, more informed, and become unstoppable.

App screen

Learning Optimized

Ditch the outdated training methods! Our user-friendly app lets you keep your team engaged and learning. Track individual and team progress effortlessly with detailed reports and analytics.

Intuitive Team Management

Boost collaboration and keep everyone connected with our powerful tools. Facilitate seamless communication through office walls, real-time notifications, and centralized file sharing.

Bridge the Skill Gap

Identify skill gaps within your team and address them proactively. Our app allows you to deliver targeted training programs to close knowledge gaps and ensure your team is equipped for success.

Streamlined Learning

Boost Team Engagement

Foster a culture of continuous learning and development with engaging learning experiences. Keep your team motivated and excited to contribute their best work.

Boost Workflows

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Improve team organization and streamline workflows with our intuitive management tools. Keep everyone focused on achieving shared goals and maximize team output.

Learn Anywhere

Empower your team to learn on their terms.

NextExec is accessible from any device, so your team can access training materials and collaborate with colleagues from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This flexibility allows for continuous learning and development, regardless of location or schedule.

What's new on 5.0

Learning Tracking

Gain valuable insights into your team’s progress. Track individual completion rates, identify learning gaps, and measure the effectiveness of your training programs.

Impact Shorts

We’ve turned complex topics into bite-sized, engaging short experiences. We publish impactful videos that are easy to digest and retain, perfect for busy schedules and on-the-go learning.

Internal User Management

Simplify user management with our intuitive tools. Easily grant access, remove, and manage user permissions, ensuring the right people have access to the information they need.

File Management

Keep your team organized with a centralized location for all your training materials, documents, and resources. Easy access to files fosters collaboration and ensures everyone has the information they need to succeed.

Office Walls

Break down silos and foster a vibrant team culture. This feature provides a dedicated space for team announcements, knowledge sharing, and content interaction, keeping everyone connected and informed.

Activity Badges

We added a way to motivate and recognize achievements with a gamified learning experience. There are award badges for completing courses and reaching milestones.